Drip Irrigation System

We offer superior quality drip irrigation system, owing to the dependency of India agriculture on water for the purpose of irrigation. With traditional flood irrigation farmers are able to irrigate only a part of their valuable cultivated land, therefore at this juncture our product comes to wide usage. We provide the best and controlled irrigation to the cultivated land of the farmers through the most economical way of water management. Our drip irrigation system includes Mainline, Submainlenes, integral drip lines Lateral, Drippers and is supported by a wide range of fittings to suit various conditions resulting in long life of our product

Evergreen drip irrigation system, benefits

  • Our Products have ISI mark.
  • Gardening is accredited by the Department of Agriculture and Sericulture.
  • Our products are manufactured in India with the suitable conditions.
  • Using high-quality raw ingredients technology to produce.
  • Affordable rates for farmers.
  • Fit for all kinds of crops.
  • Our products can be tailored according to requirements.
  • Save water from 40 to 60% from our products.
  • Fertilizer and pesticide savings.
  • Good quality and high yield.
  • Effort and electricity power savings.
  • The possibility of using hard water.
  • After the sale of the highly rated service.